Can I get my money back on a loan that I have paid out and don't have any more?

Yes, you most definitely can use the software to check on loans that have been paid out. We are aware of one customer who successfully reclaimed money from her bank on a loan she had paid out 10 years earlier (and she had not even banked with that bank in the following 10 years). In fact, when loans are paid out/refinanced, this is a critical time to check as banks often make mistakes at this time, particularly when calculating payout and settlement figures.

How can I get my money back from the banks?

The software comes with "fill-in-the-blanks" letter for you to complete and send to your bank along with copies of your statements and a print out from the software showing how the interest should have been calculated. The Banks want to give you your money back, the head of corporate relations of a major Australian bank has said "When someone comes to us and says "You've done something wrong, then we don't quibble, we do something about it.".

How many bank accounts will the program handle? 

As many as your hard disk can hold. It has been designed to allow Accountants in Practice to store all of their clients' records. i.e. thousands of accounts.

Will the program handle all types of home loan accounts?

With the hundreds of home loan "products" on the market we are yet to find a loan type what the program could not handle. Please check the ACCOUNTS page for more details.

How many years may I check? 

For as many years as you have the records. If you find an error in and old statement don't forget to use the mistake compounder to get back every cent you are owed. The compounding affect of the interest on the error can be very significant over time and even at a low interest rate the error could double or triple in size.

If I don't have all my statements, can I get copies?

Yes, if you approach your bank, they will be able to provide you with copies of your loan statements.

What if interest rates etc. change during the month? 

Not a problem the option is available to enter interest rate changes and the effective date of the change. It is during these times that it is double important to check your statements for errors.

Will it handle leap years? 

Yes! You may find that the banks have not given you the benefit of Leap Years.

Do I have to enter all transactions? 

No! You enter only need enter the daily balances where a change has occurred.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! There are just four simple steps to go through to check your statements. It should only take the average person about an hour to check a years worth of statements.

Will It Run On Apple Mac?

It will run on an Apple Mac if you use appropriate emulation software.

How is the program delivered?

You will be provided with a digital download of the software and a license code to unlock it..