Success Stories


"I have found errors in some cases over hundred dollars on my monthly statements. As a bit of an unusual thing, I have kept my statements from 1989 and am currently dealing with Westpac to get my money back which has added up to over $14,000.00. Thanks for the program".

Grant Redding - Nerang. QLD


"I have now been reimbursed the exact amount of discrepancy I had found using your program of $7,563.04 plus reimbursement of the cost of the software package against my loan."

Ann-Maree Enders - Kingsley. WA


My husband and I were with Macquarie Bank. We had a number of problems with regards to fees and charges and monthly mortgage payments.  Whenever I contacted Macquarie's customer service and asked for explanations of why we had been charged extra for fees or why the monthly mortgage payment was more than expected, I was very abruptly dealt with. After being with this bank for 7 months and being extremely unhappy with all aspects of the service, we refinanced with another bank.

While I was bemoaning the situation and sure that we were owed at least $3,000.00. I saw an advert for Loan Checker.  So, with nothing to lose I purchased the software. From a data entry point of view I loved the system.  It was very simple to understand and the best part is the program creates a letter to send to the bank, which I did. 6 weeks later the bank sent us two cheques, one for my husband and one for me. The total we received from the bank was $4,000.00.

Best investment I have made all year.

Thank you Loan Checker.

Mychelle Morrissey and Gus Mulder - Wattle Grove. WA


"I bought the software after I saw the advertisement at least 4 times. When it arrived I was hesitant and it sat in my intray for a month before I installed it. It took me another 4 weeks to get around looking at the software! I must admit if there was anyone who was a sceptic, it was me! After loading in all the data and following the easy steps (even I can do it and I hate instruction manuals!) what started to unfold were a series of errors the bank had made!  I reviewed the mortgage over a period of 16 months and to my horror I found that they had been charging me more interest than I owed - a few hundred dollars.  I'm incredibly grateful to Loan Checker - its really one of the best investments I've made. I'm rapped!"

Shalom Paul - Sydney. NSW


"We found a discrepancy of $8,643.00 on our fixed loan and this has now saved us $33,000 over the life of our loan."

Mrs. Mackenzie - Logan City. QLD


"We had been concerned about our loan for a while - there seemed to be a number of strange things happening. Loan Checker found that because of an error on our offset account, we had been overcharged $3,517.57 and this was on a loan that is only $66,000 and was only over a 10 month period! Loan Checker also calculated that we were owed an additonal $136.74 in compounded interest on this error - so, a total of $3,654.31. We also found a second error where some repayments had gone to the wrong place - this was another $5,830.00. So, the total error came to $9,484.31 - all in only a 10 month period. If these errors had not been detected, we would have paid approximately an extra $55,000 in interest over the life of the loan".

Bayley and Carolyn Vincent - Barden Ridge, NSW


"I have found a mistake in the first month of my loan! $97.00. Thank god for your software! Imagine that over another 30 years. Well worth the money spent!

Thanks again too for the brilliant software. Am trying to get all my friends and family to take a look at it!"

Owen Frankhouser - South Hobart, TAS


"Bought your program 3-4 years ago but changed computers 12 months ago and could not re-load the program onto my new computer. Rang you guys and you sent me out the updated version at no extra cost! Thanks.

Recently re-financed to a line of credit home loan (due to divorce) and got back into entering my bank statement details with the new program. As a condition of the re-finance I had to pay off an interest free loan. Bank added this debt to the re-finance but in the time frame of getting the loan approved I had already paid out the interest free loan and advised them. 6 months later after updating my details in your program I found the missing money and the bank credited $2,012 to my home loan.

Certainly nothing to be sneezed at with the recent interest rate hike!"

Lucinda - Everton Hills. QLD


"Thanks everyone. I've just found $1,100.00 over the last 3 years owing to me from Westpac in overcharged interest on a home and investment loan. They were totally shocked with being caught!"

Steve Atkin - Port Macquarie. NSW


"I had made a general enquiry with Westpac and uncovered the fact that my mortgage was not being offset as requested when I took out the mortgage. The consultant assured me she would fix it up and to be quite honest I forgot all about it until I saw the advert for Loan Checker.  I felt I had nothing to lose and bought the software. 

I found the consultant had not done anything and so I input my statements going back to 2004 and Loan Checker computed an error in my favour of $275.15 plus compounded interest of $41.04, totalling $316.19.  I wrote to the bank using Loan Checker's letter generator and the bank not only paid up the money I asked for, they were honest enough to find errors going back further and paid me over $500

A pretty good investment as far as I'm concerned."

 Ian Cowden - Birkdale. QLD


"My husband and I had sold two investment properties and I started to think ...'maybe I should check the statements in the Loan Checker programme'. Everything seemed to be OK until I got to the end showing payout figures and found that I had been charged an extra months interest on one statement and overcharged as a late payment (which it was not, as we were paying loan out).

I also have to say that the Building Society in question have been really good to us in the past and when I told them of the payout error they apologised and refunded amounts immediately which was $771.84.

I really would not have thought to even look at the statements if I had not had 'Loan Checker' in the back of my mind so thank you."

Sharon Horton - Thornton. NSW


"I would like to thank you for such an easy software package which is very user friendly"

Irene James - Greenbank. QLD


"Hi Dave - fantastic software, easy to understand and to use. The software was well worth the investment as I found the bank has overcharged me about $1,200 over two years".

Angelo L - Kilburn. SA


"I'd already found mistakes in my statements before buying the software, and Loan Checker has helped me keep track of it all.  Since I started using it, I've found month-to-month discrepancies of up to $3000 a month, some in my favour, others not!  I'm going to use it for the next few years - and store it up for a big hit before changing banks. 

Loan Checker helps me calculate what I'm missing out on, and even compounded interest on the mistakes.  Thanks a million - or at least a few thousand!"

Gregory Dominish - Beacon Hill. NSW


"I just found the compounder and over 5 years the bank owes me nearly $1,000. The biggest error, found in the last statement was $470 so I am very happy. Have another 2 loans to enter yet!"

Jacqui Smith - VIC


"I used the Loan Checker software to check 2 years of my loan and found errors of $353.51 (and this was on a very small loan of only $50,000). I then used the built in Mistake Compounder and I am delighted to say that the
bank has just deposited $1,250.00 back into my account to reimburse me for their error."

Jouko Hakola - Eight Mile Plains. QLD


"Thank you for your programme. It really opened my eyes to see how some reputable banks make errors or known errors in their calculation of interest. As I have seven accounts with one of the big banks, I found over $500 of errors on interest calculations. I provided the bank with the calculation my Watchdog programme and I was so furious, that I called my client bank manager to discuss this issue. At the first instance he appeared to be intimidated due to my questioning of how they do their calculations, however he did say he will follow up and if any errors occurred they would credit my account with the difference.

By way of example of the errors incurred. I will share the following scenario with you.

Bank Loan: $400,000
Interest: 7% calculated daily.


Bank Calculation

Loan Checker Calc.


March 07




Feb 07




Just in two months, errors of $166. I need basically to employ someone to go back the last five years, as I have lost all confidence in banks and how they just really do not care about you only what they can get away with. It's not right."

Joe Musolino - Drummoyne. NSW


"I bought the Loan Checker software, but had limited time to be able to do it myself so I have forwarded on all my info to the Loan Hound, I am now eagerly awaiting the outcome, but what led me to want to do this so badly is because about 15 years ago a bank forgot to credit our account over $5000.00 which we deposited. I only found out by going through our statements myself, then a few months ago my husband deposited $800.00 cash into our bank and after again going through our statements I found there was no record of that deposit. After phoning the bank, it turned out that they mistakenly put the $800.00 into another persons account! ... it was just lucky that my husband kept the stub to prove he deposited it or we may have lost it.

This could happen to anyone. Thankfully we got our money back and an apology ... but a simple apology doesn't seem enough when it involves such large sums of money.

I work in a supermarket and if any of my customers have been overcharged .. they get the item for free and a refund as well, if only their banks treated their customers this way!

This experience did teach me to check my statements more often, it also taught me never to trust the banks."

Janine Thurgood - Ocean Shores. NSW


"I bought the software this week and was not looking forward to entering all the data. However, after entering the first month's data, I realised there was already a mistake. It has certainly inspired me to keep going through all of our loans and I am sure we will see a couple of thousand dollars back as a result."

Monica Porte - Port Macquarie. NSW


"Hi Dave,

Thank you for the opportunity to write you back about my experience.

I all the time had a feeling that my home loan bank statements were incorrect. I did not know how to calculate or prove that there are discrepancies until I heard about the Loan Checker program. I found the software easy to use and I discovered that my bank owes me around $400. I will check again in a few months time to see how much should be refunded to me before I will approach the bank."

Barak - Canberra. ACT


"I have had a mortgage on my property for 10 years and as luck would have it have kept all the statements. The first mortgage provider has questioned the dates I provided and has asked me to do it again, which I will the other has been in touch to say they have received, will run a check on it and get back to me within 10 days.  All in all, if your software is correct I am due a refund of approx. $5,000.00. Which do nicely for my overseas trip I am planning next March."

Angela Fulton - Reservoir. Victoria


"I'm so slack - bought this software and have yet to use it - usual story - I'll get round to it, its only been months since it arrived on my computer !!!!! THEN last month I was charged from the bank an overdraft fee - that woke me up - never before had this happened and my pet hate is bank charges. So, thinking I was doing the correct and fair procedure I emailed the bank and said 'hold up a second, not fair' I was NOT overdrawn on that day until you put on your overdraft charge, so great they removed the charge HOWEVER  I was charged my interest which when I looked at it is way, way above any other monthly interest I've received and yet when I questioned this I was given a formula the banks use and that foxed me so - GUESS WHAT- Iím going to start with my mortgage software today - moral of the story - donít put off till tomorrow what you can do today who knows what I could have saved myself along with my precious time."

Rosemary Stephen - Buderim. QLD.